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15 most popular potassium rich foods

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral found in the body. It acts as an electrolyte for the body and is required to keep heart, brain, kidneys and other organs and other muscle tissues of the human body in good condition. Here are 15 rich potassium rich foods that you should include in your daily diet.

  • Beet greens
    Half a cup of beet greens contains a whopping 664 mg of potassium. Raw or cooked, it packs a great source of folate and anti-oxidants.
  • Tomato sauces
    Tomatoes are a good source of potassium. A 1/4th cup of tomato puree packs 664 mg of potassium. Tomato juice has over 400 mg of potassium.
  • Beans
    Kidney and lima beans, lentils and split peas are a respectable source of potassium. A half cup of these peas and beans pack nearly 600 mg of potassium. Beans are good for your heart and are a rich source of fiber.
  • Sweet potatoes
    Sweet potatoes surely deserve to be amongst the top 15 potassium rich foods. A medium sized sweet potato packs 131 calories and a good 694 mg of potassium. Eat them baked, fried, raw they are one of the most nutritious foods that you should include in your vegetable basket.
  • Clams
    With high concentration of vitamin B12, a can of fresh 3 ounces of clams contains 534 mg of potassium. You can add them in pasta or in a traditional chowder.
  • Carrots
    Apart from being good for eyes and vision a single serving of carrot contains more than 500 mg of potassium.
  • Prunes
    Being amongst the top 15 potassium rich foods, 3/4th cup of prunes delivers 530 mg of potassium. Stewed prunes contain about 400 mg of the mineral. They are also good for maintaining higher bone density among women.
  • Yogurt

Yogurt too contains a healthy amount of potassium. 8 ounces of serving contains around 550 mg of potassium. To have a healthy serving, use it instead of mayo in sandwiches and salads.

  • Kale
    Kale has been trending as one of the healthiest food in recent years. It is known for its impressive levels of minerals including potassium and a good source of vitamin A, C, calcium and magnesium.
  • Avocados
    Avocados are considered to have great health benefits. A single serving of avocado contains 485 mg of potassium. They are also a great source of polysaturated and monounsaturated fat.
  • Salmon
    It is a good source of potassium. It contains 460mg of potassium. However, be picky in choosing the right fish. This because an Alaskan Salmon has higher potassium content than a farm raised salmon.
  • Spinach
    Spinach definitely deserve a place in 15 most potassium rich foods. A single serving of spinach contains 466 mg of potassium. They are also high in fiber as well as other nutrients loke vitamin and minerals.
  • Molasses
    One tablespoon of blackstrap molasses contain roughly 500mg of potassium and a considerable amount of iron and calcium.
  • Soybeans
    Soybeans (unprocessed) are a great source of proteins as well as a half cup of them packs a good 500 mg of potassium.
  • Banana
    Bananas have been known to be potassium rich. Being a healthy hearty meal, a single banana contains as much as 400 mg of potassium. It certainly deserves a place in the list of 15 potassium rich foods.
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