3 well-rated asset tracking software in the market right now

Asset tracking helps an organization keep track of all the physical assets owned by the organization. These assets include desktops, printers, laptops, phones, and other hardware devices. Asset tracking involves having all the information (location, retirement date, status, and so on) related to a company’s assets in one place. An asset tracking software can be useful as an organization can save money and time, and ensure efficiency when it comes to the management and maintenance of various assets of the organization. Here are some of the most popular asset tracking software used by organizations.

  • EZOfficeInventory: One of the most popular asset tracking software, EZOfficeInventory is known for its non-intrusive features that keep track of assets right from the procurement stage to the retirement stage of each asset. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive that makes setup and installation quite hassle-free. The software provides support for RFID tags on external scanners, along with QR code scans and Barcode scans through the EZOfficeInventory mobile application. The software offers various services such as asset reservation, audits, maintenance, and checkouts through team collaborations.
  • Asset Infinity: This asset tracking software is known to assist organizations in tracking dead or broken assets, asses the condition of the damaged assets, and find out who owns these assets. Users can either use RFID tags, barcodes, or QR codes to keep track of assets with this software. With easy-to-use dashboards and reports, this software helps in keeping track of costs associated with various assets in the organization. The software also helps with the maintenance and management of assets in the organization.
  • UpKeep: One of the most used asset management tools, UpKeep lets users monitor assets, inventory, and equipment across all locations from one place. One of the most notable features of this software is that it sends real-time alerts and notifications for updated tasks on all devices including desktops, phones as well as tablets. With all asset-related data stored securely in the cloud, this software allows users to access asset tracking information from anywhere and at any time. It also assists in keeping track of asset-related costs and gives detailed reports to gain insights into better asset management and tracking.
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