4 effective treatments for Her2-positive breast cancer

With the advent of technology and discoveries in medical science, the world’s mortality rate has declined considerably. However, there are different diseases or ailments, at times the cause of which is unknown, or maybe, the perfect cure for the disease has not been discovered yet.

Cancer is one such disease, that has claimed a lot of lives, and the chances of being completely cured of the same are quite thin. Though there are landmark discoveries that have helped contain the disease if it is diagnosed in the early stages, many times, the symptoms go undetected and a life is lost.
Today 1 in 5 women is detected with cancer, mostly breast cancer. The most common kind of cancer detected in women is Her2 breast cancer. It is of two types- Her2 positive breast cancer and Her2 negative breast cancer.

Her2 positive cancer is a more malicious one compared to the latter one. If the tests reveal Her2 positive, this indicates that the cancer cells in the body have the protein Her2 in large quantities. Her2, Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, is already present in the breast, which is responsible for repairing the breast cells. Diagnosis of Her2 positive breast cancer indicates that the Her2 causes the cancer cells to mutate and multiply faster than they usually would.

Though this is a serious situation, it can be brought under control if the cancer is detected early, and is diagnosed with Her2 positive breast cancer. Here are some of the common treatments to cure Her2 breast cancer in its initial stages.

Chemotherapy– Chemotherapy is the first treatment people opt for after being diagnosed with Her2 positive breast cancer. Chemotherapy acts swiftly in shrinking cancer and is a popular way of ensuring that cancer wouldn’t return. Her2 positive breast cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy drugs such as- anthracyclines and taxanes.

Herceptin- Herceptin is one of the targeted therapies since it works by targeting specific receptors on the surface of the cells. Herceptin latches on to the Her2 protein and blocks the receptor and stops the cells from dividing and growing.

Lapatinib- This targeted therapy acts as a major treatment for preventing the growth of cancer cells. It blocks the signals in the cancer cells that allow it to grow and divide. Once the signals are blocked, the cells eventually die.

Perjeta– It is another targeted therapy that locks on the Her2 protein. It is administered in the form of a drip every three weeks, till cancer comes under control. This treatment is opted for when the breast cancer becomes metastatic.

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