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4 popular apps for tracking interstate traffic conditions

Being stuck on the interstate highway due to traffic can be a tremendously maddening experience. But you can effectively avert this situation by using navigation apps projecting real-time interstate traffic conditions. The most prominent advantage of being aware of the interstate traffic conditions is that it can help you save a lot of time. This is because with the support of these apps you can plan your journey with ease, and you also have an option of choosing alternative routes if your preferred course is jammed.

Here are some of the popular navigations apps which will prove to be great companions for your next long-distance journey!

If you are looking for practical as well as a fun app, then you can try using Waze. The app allows the users to update the metropolitan and interstate traffic conditions. For instance, if you discover a lot of traffic on route X then you can put up an alert on the Waze app. This will inform the users who are headed in the same direction. This can be extremely useful on the busiest interstate highways, however, in remote areas you might not get frequent traffic updates. The app also learns your frequent destinations, so the more you use it, the more accustomed it gets with your traveling habits. Waze is accessible to both, Android and iOS users.

Beat the Traffic
Loaded with an amazing user interface, Beat the Traffic is a free live traffic update app. Apart from its excellent navigation, it also reports accidents, features traffic cameras, and weather alerts. It’s a free app for iOS and Android systems.

Compatible with iOS and Android systems, Inrix is a popular navigation app that collects traffic information and warnings which can help you pick the best routes. It also has traffic cameras in numerous locations that allow you to see the congestion for the course you have selected. Unlike most navigation apps, Inrix gives you the liberty to decide your route too. You can also save your commute schedules in this app.

Google Maps
Currently, for most smartphones, Google Maps is an already installed app. This app collects the traffic data via sensors and determines the city or interstate traffic conditions. Although Google Maps doesn’t have any additional fancy features, it is still is one of the most used navigation apps in the market.

To make the most of your interstate road trip and the above-mentioned traffic apps ensure that you opt for an outstanding phone service.

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