5 popular snow blowers for hilly and flat areas

Finding the right snow blower is difficult and can be an exceptionally complicated process, especially with so many varieties available in the market. Thee snow blowers vary in size and functionality. Also, depending on the region you live in, you need to buy a suitable snow blower.

  • Husqvarna ST227P, Troy: The best snow blower for hilly areas with lots of snow is the Husqvarna ST227P, Troy. This snow blower has a craftsmanship that keeps it quiet and uses a two-stage advanced technology for clearing the widths of snow that can be both high and wide. If you live in areas which have a high volume of snow and you need to use the snow blowers, then these are the ones that you should choose.
  • Craftsman: The Craftsman has a tough noise but serious power to clear the snow. It is one of the best snow blowers but not ideal for quiet neighborhoods. This blower has a wide width that can get the snow quickly cleared. The tires on this machine are 15 inches tall and 5 inches wide. This machine can clear snow up to 26 inches and can tread deep without scuffing the driveway.
  • Husqvarna: The Husqvarna is ideal to combat a monster blizzard. It is equally fierce to the Craftsman and clears away the driveways and walkways easily. If you see a foot of snow at the doorstep, this two-stage blower is ideal to have in your company. This blower can clear a width of 27 inches and can quickly clear the blocked driveway. This snow blower bears a 12-inch steel auger that helps in collects the hard and loose snow while channeling it into the impeller while pushing it out through the chute. The 15 inches tire on this snow blower allows you to scuff the snow smoothly.
  • 265 Snow Thrower: The Troy built storm 265 snow thrower removes snow in a short period. It can clear a width of over 2 feet and clear the driveways quickly. This machine also has a 15-inch tire that would give you the steer to clear away snow and can keep the blower from slipping on slippery turns. This blower has a huge engine.
  • Power smart DB765124 and the Snow Jow SJ 623E: The snow blowers best suited for a flat area is the Power smart DB765124 and the Snow Jow SJ 623E. These can clear a width of 2 feet and are incorporated with a powerful 2-stage blower in their systems that can plow tough snow. The 13-inch tires make these snowblowers perfect for a flat surface. The Power smart model does not have the self-propelled drive as it is an electric snow blower. The Snow Joe is lightweight while being easy to push over most of the terrains and they are great to clear up moderate snow falls.
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