5 vital duties of a social security disability lawyer

The entire process of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be quite a hassle, as it requires the individual to make multiple rounds of the Social Security Administration. This process can be more tedious in case the individual’s health is deteriorating. If such is the case, hiring a Social Security disability lawyer will prove beneficial because they are more equipped to help their clients present their case with better precision.

A Social Security disability lawyer is a licensed professional who is extremely skilled at handling matters pertaining to Social Security Administration and can deal with issues that can arise during the application process. In addition to helping their clients with their Social Security Disability Benefits, a Social Security disability lawyer has to perform the following functions:

  • A Social Security disability lawyer is responsible for collecting and documenting important information about the client. This includes important medical records and statements that are issued by qualified individuals. Such detailed documentation can help the client’s case. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can weave a compelling story around the case and develops strategies to help the client’s case.
  • Applying for the Social Security Disability Benefits can be overwhelming, and Social Security disability lawyers help their clients complete the procedure without experiencing too many difficulties. They guide their clients through the online application process and ensure that the forms are filled correctly.
  • It has been noted that less than 40% of the first-time applicants’ disability applications are approved at the initial level. So, in case, your case is rejected, you can hire a Social Security disability lawyer to file appeals against the denial of your application.
  • The Social Security disability lawyer stays in touch with the Social Security Administration for updates on their client’s case. As there are numerous cases that pass through the Social Security Administration, there are high chances that your case might need regular follow-ups to reach a conclusive decision. Your Social Security disability lawyer is the one who communicates with the Administration on your behalf.
  • The ultimate duty of a Social Security disability lawyer is to represent their client in court for their Social Security disability hearings. Usually, most claims are won at the hearing level itself, but if the client files an appeal when denied the disability benefits, their Social Security disability lawyer will accompany them to disability hearings that are quite stressful.
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