7 natural ways to beat cold and flu symptoms

There are several ways in which you can fight common cold and flu without taking unnecessary medications. The flu usually attacks the respiratory system, and when you fall ill, your body turns into a war zone where the germs tear into your body’s strong defenses. The microbes that enter your body start to take over your cells and then kill the cells after they multiply, causing cold and flu symptoms. Here are seven natural ways for you to beat cold and flu symptoms:

Drink plenty of fluids
Keeping your body hydrated is very important. You can drink water or other fluids if you want but avoid sodas and soft drinks.

Warm ginger tea
A cup of warm ginger tea soothes the throat and opens up your sinuses. It helps clear the congestion and eases the aches you have in your body.

A salve or balm
Just applying a simple salve or a balm can prove to be beneficial. It opens up the nostrils and clears out the mucus. This way, you get rid of the congestion and headache caused by cold and flu.

Stay clean
It is highly important for you to stay clean at all times. Take a shower every day and wear clean clothes. You will not only be clear of germs, but you will also feel fresh and a little better.

Bath salts
Essential oils and bath salts can help tackle the flu. The refreshing smell and the ingredients in the salts, especially if it is tea tree oil or eucalyptus, can help kill the germs and release the mucus. If you are using lavender, it can help de-stress your mind and body to help you relax.

This is one of the best natural solutions for cold and congestion. You can use a few drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water and then wrap a towel around your head and shoulders to inhale the steam. This will give you immediate relief and help in recovering from the cold over time so that the congestion does not set in again.

You would consult a doctor before taking any of these measures, in case you are suffering from any chronic conditions.

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