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7 reasons why you should buy an Apple iPad

Apple has one of the best electronic products in the market. Their touch technology has truly revolutionized the way we communicate for work as well as for play. Apart from iPhone, Apple’s iPad is one of it most popular products. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in the user-friendly iPad.

Apple’s devices are best known for security. The exclusive technology used in Apple products ensures that it isn’t affected by risky malware programs and hackers. Unlike other brands, Apple runs tests on all the apps that are released on iPad App Store. This means that you are saved from downloading malware apps.

Hardware and operating system
Apple holds strong control over its hardware, operating system and app store. Though this may seem like a disadvantage, but it isn’t. Apple’s niche approach helps it to create a minimalistic but an attractive interface, which is one of its kind. It also makes iPad faster, easier to use with minimum or no bugs. Where most of its contemporaries incorporate similar design and software, Apple’s unique design and system has been its reason for success.

You get a whole list of accessories that are exclusively only available with an iPad. There are accessories such as Apple pencil, micro helicopter spy camera and many more that can be used only with the help of iPads.

Siri is one of the most loved feature of the Apple products. It doesn’t just find answers for you on the internet, it is also linked to all your documents, calendars and emails. You can access all these with a simple command. Siri can also answer queries that are linked directly to Google search.

Full-screen usage
Most of the Apps found on tablets are just the magnified versions of android phone’s apps. But with Apple’s bigger screens, apps have to be designed specifically for iPads.

Exclusive apps and updates
Many app makers usually release their apps only on iStore as they don’t have to face piracy issues. One might also notice how most of the app updates are initially rolled out on the Apple products and later on other software devices.

FaceTime and iMessage
FaceTime helps you make video calls to other iOS users while iMessage offers a similar service but just in the form of text messages. The best part about these exclusive Apple services is that they are free of cost for the users.

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