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A brief overview of the most popular Sega game consoles

Sega is a world-known game developer. This international company is based in Tokyo and has been producing game consoles for more than two decades since 1983. SG-100 was the first console released exclusively in Japan. After producing and releasing three successive versions of the same console, the third one was rebranded as Master System and launched worldwide in 1985. Their milestone sega game consoles are Mega Drive, the Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and the Dreamcast. Sega has had a long run with gaming consoles and has been entertaining gamers all around the world for decades. Their consoles have seen both ups and downs as far financial success goes. Despite their rough ride, the brand has continued to launch new products and remain a household name among gamers.

Sega Saturn game console
The Sega Saturn is a fifth generation game console that was introduced in America in 1995. Being the successor of the previously successful Sega Genesis, this 32-bit home console came out better and stronger. It was packed with a dual-CPU architecture powered by eight processors altogether. This processor had a successful run in Japan, although couldn’t stir up much excitement among Americans. After a lull in sales, Sega discontinued this product in 1998. However, it has left a mark among gamers with its memorable games like Nights into Dreams. Sega’s management and business approach have been a major factor for their products to fail financially.

Sega Dreamcast console
The Sega Dreamcast console was released back in 1998. This console marked the company’s 18-year journey in the console market. Sega Saturn saw its downfall due to costly hardware. Sega Dreamcast console was a more affordable and cost-effective design off the shelf components. Following a large marketing, campaign Dreamcast was a hit in the US. However, this was quite short-lived due to heavy competition from Sony’s PlayStation. Despite preventive measures, the company continued to soar down in sales. Despite the numbers and financial success, the Sega Dreamcast console is considered to be ahead of its time by critics. The games in its library were quite innovative and creative as well. It was indeed the first ever console that packed a modem within for Internet connection.

Sega Genesis Classic
This console is also known as Mega Drive outside the USA. This 16-bit game console was introduced in 1989. The hardware is an adaptation of system 16 arcade board. The library boasts a whopping 900 and more games. One can play Master System games using the console. Several peripherals and network services have enhanced the performance of Sega’s Genesis. Moreover, many first and third party versions of the console extend the functionality of Sega’s Genesis.

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