All you need to know about the iPhone 7 Plus

New to the Apple flagship model iPhone 7 Plus? Just like the iPhone 6 plus, Apple has done a fantastic job this time with its stellar camera, awesome capture quality, slow motion playback, and much more. If you’ve ever attended an iPhone 6s 128gb sale and compared the iPhone 7 Plus to it side by side, you’ll notice that even the iPhone 7 plus jet black comes with 128gb storage capacity. This can make it great for heavy duty users or those who need to save a ton of movies, games, apps, and stream content online. Here’s what you can do with the iPhone 7 plus jet black edition.

Create and edit: You can make documents, create notes, and edit files. The iPhone 7 Plus comes packed with word processing and spreadsheet apps so if you’re a student on the go, it can be very helpful. However, don’t pass up a free iPhone 6s either if you win one in a giveaway since most iPhones offer this.

A2 Fusion chip: The A2 Fusion Chip is a special feature of the iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with four cores, two lower powered cores dedicated to basic tasks such as surfing the web, and two higher-powered cores involved in more demanding tasks such as streaming HD movies and playing games. The processor is powerful and can run most applications. So, if you ever decide to put up the iPhone 6s for sale for an iPhone 7 plus, you’re making the right choice.

Battery life: The battery life for the iPhone 7 Plus can last up to a full day. This means 24 hours of continuous performance for low-end tasks. It can run high-end games for up to an hour, stream on Spotify for a few hours, and do the other basic tasks including web browsing all day long. It provides talk time up to 21 hours and can run on 3G networks for up to 384 hours.

Awesome display: The iPhone 7 Plus sports a gorgeous 5.5-inch retina display with an HD capacitive touch screen. It features home buttons in its design, and the screen offers 1080p resolution. Additionally, the phone is water resistant, dust resistant, and splash resistant.

Operating system: The OS is iOS 10 and it comes with the iCloud operating system. There’s an integrated M10 motion processor, an A2 fusion chip, and a single Nano-SIM slot.

Price: Where price comes into play, the iPhone 7 Plus costs on an average $650 USD for the iPhone 7 plus 128GB in the jet black color edition. You get 4G LTE support and internet works on 3G, 4G, and Wifi networks. The storage is expandable and can go up to 256GB for serious creative artists including photographers and filmmakers.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus is a great choice for design enthusiasts and those who have a creative touch since it comes with the best state-of-the-art point and shoot cameras. You can win a free iPhone 5s or a free iPhone 6 as well in Apple’s or any seller’s giveaways featured through their twitter or official website feeds. Similarly, you can buy iPhone 6s 128gb sale for cheap if you know where to look.

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