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An overview of Paleo Diet for beginners

What is a Paleo diet?
Paleo or Paleolithic diet is a recent trend towards weight loss that has picked up very fast during the last two decades. While it is inspired by the diet of our ancestors or cave dwellers, it is not too harsh to follow. In fact, this diet is based on consuming all that is naturally available. Paleo diet demands you to say no to everything that is processed.

What to eat and what not to eat?
If you want to follow the paleo diet for beginners, but do not know what you should and should not eat, then here are some rules to guide you:
Do not eat any kind of processed food.
Quit gluten, as well as refined sugar, sugary drinks, and hard drinks of all types.
Do not use dairy products.
Do not consume grains, beans, and legumes.
Have nuts, meat, eggs, coconut, etc.
Use and have coconut water, flour, and oil, along with natural oils.
Use natural sweeteners like honey and dates.
Vary the vegetables and fruits that you consume every day.

While it is not a comprehensive list, you may start following these basic rules as a beginner.

Benefits of following a Paleo diet
Restricting grains, vegetable oils, processed foods, and dairy products is oriented towards the concept of sustainability. Paleo diet experts suggest the plan to enjoy various health benefits, including:

Effective weight loss
Reduced cravings for sugar
Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
Low possibility of type 2 diabetes
Improved levels of cholesterol
Improved skin and better digestion
Curtailed severity of symptoms of autoimmune disorders

What is the 80/20 rule of a Paleo diet?
Whether your goal from a Paleo diet is to shed some pounds or improve your eating habits, you do not have to be too strict on yourself. Paleo diet does not curtail occasional booze or your favorite dinner with friends. Most people on a Paleo diet follow the 80/20 rule to have Paleo diet along with the foods they crave for. However, once you start following this diet, you will soon experience changes in what you crave for and what you do not crave for. You will not be drawn toward processed foods and will feel more energetic.

How to get started?
It is not difficult to start following a Paleo diet for beginners. The diet is oriented towards healthy fats, fresh produce, and protein. Clean your kitchen and gather such fresh foods that offer these elements. Clear off packaged foods, dairy items, vegetable oils, grains, and legumes from your kitchen. If it is difficult to quit everything together, then start slowly and remove one type of avoidable food every week. Be stringent about the goals you want to achieve and stay motivated. Look for Paleo recipes that you may cook easily at home.

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