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Best features of T-Mobile phones

T-Mobile is a mobile communications company (US-based), which provides cell-phone services to its customers in several European countries, such as UK, Slovakia, as well as Holland, and Poland. There are approximately 34 million customers for T-Mobiles across the Virgin Islands and the continental US. T-Mobile provides various kinds of cellphone services that consist of broadband access and even the facilities like video conferencing and phones that have been designed for use by the people with the visual impairments.
Below are the best features that are included in the T-Mobile Phones, which displays why exactly they known as user-friendly.

T-Mobile comes with varied types of phones which come with an embossed dot over the 5′ key; and this assists people with poor eyesight by enabling to browse all around the keypad and thereby use that specific key as a guiding point. T-Mobile even offers phones a varied tone only when a user presses a particular key. This lets users to distinguish between sounds instead of searching in the keypad.

Ringtones and voice activation
There are certain T-Mobile phones which lets you to select varied ringtones for varied callers. This means that, the blind or visually impaired users will come to know who is actually calling before they give answer. This makes them to receive, reject or ignore the call. T-Mobile even offers best features for the phones like voice-activated calling which allows even blind people to activate calls to the friends as well as families without using the keypad.

Screen display
Large-screen displays have a great feature of T-Mobile phones which tend to assist users with poor vision, read text messages, as well as get incoming calls. The T-Mobile cellphones which are specifically meant for the blind, as well as visually impaired also arrive well-equipped with back-lit keypads. This means that, keys are much more visible to their customers who have sight problems, especially in the night. While, some phones lets the users to change the font size and contrast levels in order to fit their visual impairment.

Battery indicator
In order to show whether battery life is running low, these cellphones have come-up with facility like a visual indicator. The T-Mobile phones which are specifically meant for the visually impaired offers phones with clear and audible indicators in order to alert users whenever they wish to recharge their phones. This is specifically important since users with poor eyesight frequently have the brightness which increases the highest setting that reduces the life of a battery.

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