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Best Free Dental Clinics to Visit in the Country

Dental care is a necessity. Processed food and food items high on sugar have a telling impact on our body and teeth. While many of us maintain good oral hygiene, quite a few do not. Whatever be the case, we do require regular appointments with the dentist to check on the health and status of our teeth. A dental implant costs a lot, and dental care as a whole is very expensive. Some of the economically less fortunate cannot shell out extravagant sums of money for the same. This does not mean that they have to sacrifice the health of their teeth. There are several fantastic dental clinics that provide free of cost services! Find below a few of the best free dental clinics in the country.

Best Free Dental Clinics in the Country

  • North End Community Health Committee Inc.
    Located in Boston, North End Community Health Committee Inc. is one of the best free dental clinics in the country, it provides a wide range of services for adults and has been providing comprehensive, affordable and quality dental care and services since 1977. Their team is highly experienced and professional. To qualify for the sliding fee discount program, you have to show the proof of annual income of all family members living in the house. You need to provide a copy of any of the accepted forms of income verification. You are required to mention all sources of income before taxes. Do not hesitate from visiting this clinic as it truly is one of the best in the business and provides free care if you qualify for the program!
  • HealthCare Choices
    Located in Brooklyn, HealthCare Choices is, without a doubt, one of the best free dental clinics in the country. Their sliding scale program encompasses all those individuals who are unemployed, do not have medical insurance or are uninsured. The care depends on your gross annual salary. The clinic offers integrated services and high quality of dental care. They are open only on four days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Do not hesitate to seek dental care at the free dental clinics. Maintaining good, healthy teeth is necessary for good health. The above-mentioned clinics provide quality care at minimal prices, so avail their offers today!

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