Best masks to sleep in

Sleep masks are our latest obsession as they are easy to use and don’t make a mess on our pillows. Exposing your skin to the hot sun and hazardous pollution makes your skin feel dry and dead. Your skin needs deep nourishment repairing every worn-out cell in order to regenerate it. It shouldn’t come as a shocker that our skin starts aging right in our late twenties. This is the major reason that the markets are stormed with anti aging skin care products. One such anti aging product is the sleep-in face mask. We are going to look at different kinds of sleep-in masks in the market that would do wonders for skin since these are considered to be the newest addition to the anti aging products:

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask: Dr. Jart’s overnight mask is an absorbent gel that works to strengthen skin’s protective barrier. Formulated with hyaluronic acid to lock the moisture during the body’s reparative hours, olive leaf and cranberry focus on improving your complexion’s natural elasticity.

Laneige Firming Sleeping Mask: Laneige works to rejuvenate the skin with this overnight firming mask, while you sleep a blissful sleep. While the orange, rose and sandalwood scents work to de-stress the body, the memory foam gel gives skin’s elasticity and much needed boost.

RE:P Nutrinature Ultra All-Night Moisture & Relief Mask: Nourish and sooth your stressed skin as you sleep! This moisture enriched sleeping mask contains niacin amide, which helps your skin retain elasticity and improves barrier function so you can wake up with a dewy, glowing complexion. Olives provides deep hydration that won’t clog pores.

Lioele V-Line Sleeping Pack: Lioele Sleeping pack reduces redness and firms skin to reduce bloating. The lightweight gel texture of this pack slips on the skin smoothly, giving the user a barely-there feel. After it has been applied onto your face watch the water droplets form on your skin for an ultra-moisturizing addition to your night-time skincare routine. This oil-free cream works to brighten and tighten skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed.

Innisfree White Tone Up Sleeping Pack: Formulated with fresh berries and vitamin B3, this gel-type brightening sleeping pack helps improve skin radiance giving you a brighter complexion. It’s natural essential fragrance helps you sleep better, and moisturizes and enhances your skin tone overnight.

Enature Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack: Let your skin quench its thirst while your sleep with this Hydro Sleeping pack on. This rich face cream acts as an after-hours miracle worker thanks to its formula, enriched with 74% birch tree sap, chamomile, and plantain seed extracts to transform your complexion while you sleep, wake up to restored rejuvenated skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque: If you choose to take on a fragrance free light mask for your skin, then this is the right choice. It is abundant in plant lipids and moisture attracting glycerin that provide much needed hydration and lets your skin breathe.

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