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Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators to Buy in 2018

A portable oxygen concentrator or a POC is a device that is prescribed by doctors for treating patients with sleep apnea and other medical conditions related to breathing. Earlier, oxygen concentrators were difficult to carry due to their size and weight, and you would not have been able to move them with ease. However, these days one can find portable oxygen concentrators which are easy to carry and use. They come with heavy duty batteries and provide the best service.

Here is a list of some of the best portable oxygen concentrators in 2018:

  • Inogen One G3: This is one of the best and most incredible devices that is made using advanced technology. It comes with several useful features. If you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator that can be used for 24 hours, then this is the device that you should try. It is very small in size and light in weight as well. It weighs around 5 lbs and comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini: Philips is one of the best brands for portable oxygen concentrators. This lightweight device comes with 1000ml/min oxygen capacity. It also comes with five different modes of pulse dose settings. Additionally, the patient can change various settings easily, thanks to the LCD display.
  • ResMed LifeChoice™ Activox™ 4L: From the brand ResMed, LifeChoice™ Activox™ 4L is a portable oxygen device for people who have sleep-related and breathing-related health issues. It uses advanced technology and also comes with a long-lasting battery for better use. It has a 3-year warranty, and you will also be able to carry it with ease.
  • SeQual Eclipse 5®: It uses AutoSAT technology for better and more efficient functioning of the oxygen concentration device. It is capable of providing continuous doses as well as a pulse dose, and hence you can set it according to your requirements. You can charge it with the help of DC power. It weighs around 18.4 lbs, and it is less than two feet tall.

So, if you’re looking for portable oxygen concentration devices, you can pick from any of the brands mentioned above. Make sure that you compare the features and price to purchase the best product. You can carry these portable oxygen concentrators even when you are traveling as they are all quite lightweight.

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