Beware of these stage 4 breast cancer symptoms

Every year, millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer and number seems to be increasing with each year. It also one of the most common type of cancers after lung cancer and life any other disease, can muddle the lifestyle of a woman. So what causes cancer? A woman breast comprises of fat, lobules, tiny glands and tissue that aid in producing breastfeeding milk. Cancer develops when the cells in the body start multiplying uncontrollably. Breast can can be of two types i.e invasive breast cancer and no-invasive breast cancer.

Breast cancer can be categorized into 4 stages. Stage 1 is the initial stage of cancer, which then builds up onto stage 2, stage 3 and the last stage that is stage 4. Stage 4 is when cancer begins to spread all over the other parts of the body. Here are a few stage 4 breast cancer symptoms that are most likely to come into notice

Uneasy breathing – Women start experiencing a shortness in breath for a long duration. Moreover, the chest starts to feel extremely tight and it becomes difficult to hold one’s breath or take a deep breath. Not just one of the Stage 4 Breast Cancer Symptoms, this may be a symptom that indicates the spread of cancer in the lungs.

Change in size of breast – There is a sudden change in the way the breast appears. Either one or both breast may start to have an irregular shape and size. Breast may start looking enlarged and have an abnormal shape.

Fatigue – A symptom of many more disease, fatigue if one of the commonly reported stage 4 breast cancer symptoms. A woman may start feeling fatigue every while, even if it means taking a light walk in the park. It becomes prevalent and everyday life begins to feel like an exhausting task. Not just a symptom, fatigues is also experienced during the time of treatment.

Nipple discharge – Not just one of the stage 4 breast cancer symptoms, nipple discharge can even occur during the first three stages of breast cancer. This is one the major symptoms and one should immediately visit the doctor. The discharge can be of color or even clear. In most cases, the nipple charge will resemble the look of pus but can be bloody too.

Lump formation – This is a very rare symptom as tumors may be too small to be felt or noticed. However, a woman may start feeling the formation of lump around the areas of the breast or on the breast. They can be swelling that might hurt upon pressing.

It is necessary to immediately visit the doctor after the occurrence of any of the above stage 4 breast cancer symptoms. Make an appointment and brief your doctor about all the symptoms that you experience.

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