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When a person is looking for a cheapest cable provider it indirectly means that he wants a plan that has the lowest possible monthly rate. Comparing all the service providers, it might seem that they come up with cheap affordable deals but at the end of the day it’s pure business. They all share similar flaws like increasing bills, poor customer service, inevitable rate hikes, delayed installation appointments, additional fees, confusing package options and offers that require bundling with services that not everyone needs. Yet, we need a cable TV connection eventually despite hurdles. Check out these cheap cable providers that offers budget plans.

Verizon Fios: Verizon holds the highest consumer satisfaction score in the industry. The basic plan ”Fios TV local” costs $10 per month, contains 15 core local channels including news, entertainment, variety and more. The custom TV plan of $64 is flexible to choose the genre and types of programming that fit your style and pay only for the channels you want.

Comcast Xfinity: They offer a wide range of packages separately for TV, internet and phone in addition with bundle packages. Their TV plan includes digital, premier, preferred, economic and limited basic that are limited to new residential customers only. Digital economic plan begins at the rate of $29, providing stream app and top 45+ channels with fluctuating price after 12 months of installation.

AT&T U-verse: U-Verse offers several packages to choose from U450, U300, U200, U-family and U-personal. The basic U-personal plan supplies local channels, OnDemand library with installation fees. All the other packages comprise of 200+ digital channels inclusive of one HD-ready DVR receiver with total home DVR service.

Time warner cable: The major advantage with Time Warner cable is that it works with no contracts, provides high quality audio and visual display, free installation charges and also provides bundle TV, phone and internet services. It delivers a good selection of cable TV packages starting from $39 -$99.

Dish: Dish provides the most international channels and award winning HD and DVR technology. It’s best for good value pricing, fee professional installation and best customer service. This is one of the few cable providers that offers all the services that you want in one place. Their value pack costs around $39 puts up with 50+ popular channels that are flexible to your choices.

Direct TV: Direct cable TV packages ranges between $50-$125. The basic select plan is perfect if you don’t want to pay for channels that you don’t watch moreover it contains 145 channels including HBO and exclusive sports channels. Like Dish TV, it has outstanding customer service but suffers a drawback because of their ‘two years’ contract’ condition.

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