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Effective bed bug treatment options

Most of us have experienced bed bug infestation in our home or office. No other pest is as infuriating as the bed bug.
Bed bugs are extremely resilient and feed upon the blood of animals with warm blood, especially humans. They typically feed after midnight till sunrise. This feeding is necessary for them to not only survive but also for reproduction and laying of eggs. It takes about 14 days for these pests to be visible to the human eye.
Finding the best bed bug spray is extremely difficult as these insects develop quick resilience. A spray that promised to kill bed bugs in minutes last season may not work in the next. As they evolve quickly, bed bug treatments need to evolve faster and always be a step ahead.
Below is some information regarding the different bed bug extermination costs, inspection, and options.

Bed bug treatment options and costs
Keeping quality and longevity in mind, and based on the bed bug extermination cost, there are about two kinds of bed bug treatments you can choose from:
A DIY bed bug treatment– A do-it-yourself treatment would require you to inspect the area of infestation, develop a plan, work toward ensuring the infestation does not spread. The treatment would require you to buy an effective and efficient bed bug killing formula which you would need to use on the infested spaces. Another choice in the DIY treatment is opting for non-chemical options, such as using heat treatment, steam cleaner, or cold treatment. These cost-friendly treatments are more effective in controlling the infestation rather than entirely ridding of it.

A professional bed bug exterminator- Depending upon the level of bed bug infestation in your home or office, you can seek help from a professional exterminator. A professional exterminator first inspects your home or office to understand where the bed bugs are hiding and the extent of their infestation. Regular inspections cost approximately $50 to $ 200. While canine inspections, which make use of dogs specially trained for detecting pests, will cost around $400 to $500. Post inspection, most professional exterminators use the technique of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a treatment approach combining various methods like use of pesticides, freezing, use of steam heat, cracks and crevices sealing, and more. The methods are selected based on different factors related to the infestation. An important factor to consider about professional exterminators is that these professionals are extremely capable, well-trained, and also officially licensed to use chemical pesticides, thus ensuring no ill side-effects are experienced by the residents of the infested area. The bed bug extermination cost increases when you hire a professional exterminator. However, this option is more efficient in ensuring complete removal of infestation.

Which one should you choose?
This may seem like it’s a simple choice, you can opt for the DIY treatment if you’re looking to save cash or go for the professional treatment if you really want to kill bed bugs in minutes. But this goes beyond that.
The extent of the bed bug problem in your home or office should aid your decision. At the end of the day, you have to understand that the best bed bug spray or treatment is one that works the quickest and lasts the longest.
Conduct a proper research about both the options before choosing one. Once, you are rid of the bed bug problem, ensure you take proper precautions to avoid recurrence of the same.

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