Know about maintaining your Weber gas grills

Do you own a Weber gas grill? Then you undoubtedly enjoy great days and nights that are graced by perfectly grilled food. However, amidst all that grilling, it can be easy to forget the most important thing i.e., maintaining and cleaning. It is vital to thank your gas grill for all the love that it showers on you.
Well, if you do not know where to start, a grill cover is what you need to get first. Your gas grill, like any other appliance has to be kept protected from external elements such rust, dust, etc. A good quality cover can prevent scum from accumulating over time.

If your burners give out irregular flame, it is important to have the burner ports cleaned before the clogging becomes worst. Use a wire brush every one once in awhile and brush the entire length of the tubes to prevent this.

Make it a point to clean the grates before every use. You do not want the flavor of the grates to get transferred to your food, right? Heat up the grates for a while and brush off all the ash that are stuck to it. If you think that the grates are too old and chipping off, replacing them is a good idea.
Always clean the grease trap. If it gets too full, you are going to have a hard time cleaning spilled grease.

In order to maintain basic hygiene levels, you have to always clean the grill after and before use. It is likely that your grill is dusty before you begin cooking. While your meat and veggies secrete many juices that should be wiped off after use, tough oily and greasy stains are stubborn and harder to remove when left uncleaned.

Most Weber gas grills feature a table on the side. These tables are likely to have grime and sticky residue due to the food, knives, cooking pots, etc. that accumulate on them during the time of grilling. Use a damp cloth with a mild dish detergent to get this off.

Whether you live in a region that snows or an area where the sun shines bright for most times of the year, avoid keeping your gas grill in the backyard when not in use. Constant exposure to the sun or extended periods in stagnant water can cause the body’s quality to deteriorate faster than usual.

Packing your gas grill for long-term? Have the battery removed out. Batteries can burst if left in for too long and corrode the inside of your grill.

Follow these maintenance tips and enjoy a happy grilling experience.

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