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Factors to consider before buying a weed trimmer

Using a weed trimmer is the fastest way to get rid of garden weeds. In order to keep your garden clean from weeds and make it look beautiful, one must invest in good plants as well as garden tools. Here are a few guidelines on buying the perfect weed trimmer. Let us take a look!

Size of the garden or yard – If your garden is larger than 500 sq. feet, you need to choose a weed trimmer which will last long. The machine should also be able to reach a greater distance across the garden. For this, a gas or a battery powered weed trimmer is the best choice.

Cost – Depending on your budget you can get gas, electric or battery powered weed eaters. If you have a limited budget, then gas trimmers are not for you. Electric and battery powered trimmers are cheap and can cost as little as $90. Gas trimmers are a bit more expensive and can cost about $300 or more.

Type of weeds in the garden – Evaluate the kinds of weeds growing in your garden. If they are thick, you will need a high power geared weed trimmer such as gas trimmers. Gas trimmers are usually preferred for bringing down the tougher hard to remove weeds

Ease of Usage – Battery powered or corded weed trimmers come handy since they require only minimal maintenance. On the other hand, gas trimmers require a little extra attention such as mixing fuel and changing of spark wires to function efficiently.

Shaft Type – Weed eaters can have a straight or angular shaft depending on their use. An angular shaft can be bent at specific angles and are used in areas or gardens which have a slope. Similarly, straight shafts are preferred to tackle weeds that are in the hard to reach places.

It is essential to consider all the factors before buying a weed trimmer for your garden. Make sure that you not only buy the best-quality garden tool but also one that comes with a warranty. These easy-to-use machines will minimize the effort you need to put in for a beautiful, well-kept garden.

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