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Factors to consider while buying a dishwasher on sale

Buying an appliance should be a well-considered decision and not an impulsive purchase. It’s a large investment intended to last for a few years and give you the service you want. But when big brands and stores offer year-round attractions in the form of discounts, trade-ins, and easy hire-purchase terms, it becomes confusing to purchase the cheapest yet the best dishwasher. Dishwasher sales a great time to find good deals.

Before you hit the holiday sales, here are a few points to keep in mind.

New releases
When your favorite brand launches a new model, look out for great deals on older ones. Though they were launched a year or two years ago, older models are offloaded regularly by manufacturers, dishwasher stores, and large retailers.

Holiday sales
Appliances are available on discount during big holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Christmas. It’s a good idea to put off your purchase till a big sale comes round at a store near you. It’s also smart to wait until the holiday rush is done when bigger dealers have inventory to offload.

Compare and contrast
Do a thorough market survey before you buy a dishwasher. Some discounts and deals may not be genuine. Check the exact reason for the lowered pricing and read reviews to know whether it was a marketplace dud when it was first launched. Also, check if you are covered by warranties and spares are available if the dishwasher breaks down.

Keep the cash ready
If you find the perfect deal, don’t hesitate. When you return to the dishwasher sale, it may be gone. Some stores offer to finance but check the terms and conditions before making a decision.

Buy directly from a factory outlet
Purchasing straight from the factory can provide significant savings.

Consider online shopping
Some brands offer discounts exclusively on their websites. Brands like Bosch don’t offer regular discounts but they do have great mail-in discount offers on their website. Online sites offer good deals all year round but do check the shipping and delivery terms ahead of purchasing. Some dishwasher sales may offer better deals for in-store pick-up.

If you’re not particular about color coordination, you could get a less trendy shade for a lower price.

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