Garmin Golf GPS – an overview

Garmin Golf GPS is a company that specializes in the manufacture of GPS aided devices. The company started from a discussion between a few engineers that they had way back in the year 1989. Thier idea was to form a company which will make innovative GPS-aided devices to enrich the lives of their customers. Their products span includes fields like aviation, automotive, fitness, outdoor recreation, marine and even wireless applications. The company designs, manufactures, market and sells their products all by themselves. The company that started with a handful of engineers today employs some 7,000 odd people. The company makes sure that all their products give purchaser gets more than their money’s worth with relevant information packed into each of their product.

Automotive products include navigation devices. These have features like easy to use GPS navigator with 12.7cm dual orientation display, independent of cellular signals, preloaded maps with details and updated free for lifetime, easily search addresses and a large number of points of interest and navigate complex interchanges easily. Its HD camera CDR C320 is an easy to use driving recorder with 3-inch LCD display. It has a wide-angle lens that captures the entire road ahead. One can set the date and time so the footages show when the events happened. It records excellent images in low light too. The camera is mounted on the windshield. It allows playback of the footage later on the computer. There is a camera to aid reversing. The footage is shown on the GPS navigator (to be bought separately). Connect to constant power and easily toggle between camera and navigator. Rugged enough to stand the harsh weather.
There are also other accessories like tire pressure gauge, sporting aides for running, golf, cycling, swimming, multi-sports, activity tracker and some apps to go with them.
The Marine segment has equipment like charter sonar combo, cameras, fishfinders GPS combos, wind sensors etc.
Maps include automotive, golf course, Marine charts, and maps. Cycling maps, etc.
Outdoor Recreation segment has GPS-aided devices for hikers, campers, and geo-catchers.

Aviation HSA devices to suit various segments like general aviation, helicopters, head up display for supermidsize, midsize and light business air crafts. The system incorporates crisp, clear view of all pertinent flight information within a single display unit. While a detailed description of all items is beyond the scope of this write-up, an attempt has been made to give details of items that are more relevant to commoners.

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