Here’s what you must know about USPS tracking

There is a certain excitement and joy to getting a package, especially in today’s world where letters and postcards have, for the most part, been replaced by email and mobile communication. Packages, however, do still come in the mail! Now, whether you have ordered something or someone is sending you something, there is no question that you look forward to the arrival of the package, be it big or small. And thanks to modern technology, one can also keep track of the package, and know when it left its place of origin, where it is along the route, when it will be delivered to your mailbox or doorstep, and even post-delivery information.

Tracking services are available for a whole variety of packages, including regular United States Postal Service (USPS) mailed ones, as well as of course the various courier services. Tracking information provided by the US Postal Service includes the date, time, and zip code where the package was delivered, which offers peace of mind and assurance to all parties involved. As a sender, especially if there’s a birthday present or care package on the way to a family member or special someone, you will want to keep track of the package’s progress and would like to have the satisfaction of knowing it reached it recipient. When there are multiple people living in a house, or when the delivery is to a post box number or apartment or office building, it is also helpful as you can warn the receiver that the package is out for delivery, and they should be ready to collect it, and also once you get delivery confirmation, make sure they go and pick up the package from the mail room or common area. And of course, the same information of time, place, and date of delivery is also helpful when you’re the recipient of a package.

The United States Postal Service website has a page dedicated to package tracking, and all you need to have on hand is the tracking number assigned to that particular package. This information will be found on the barcode sticker that will be on the envelope/box/mailer that the contents are in. There is also the option to set up email and mobile alerts, which means that you don’t even have to go type in the tracking information on the page, but will get updates on the progress of the USPS package, sent directly to the email id you share, and or your mobile phone number.

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