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Home remedies for curing toenail fungus

A toenail infection causes mild discomfort with no or minimum foul odor, often very commonly treated by medical professionals. There is no immediate cause for worry or concern, with a number of home remedies available at your disposal to treat the same.

Here are a few easy and cost effective options to deal with toenail infection:

Probiotic drinks: Fungal overgrowth can be the cause of any imbalance in the healthy flora present in your body. Probiotic drinks which are readily available in the market can easily help with this imbalance and also help with the fungal toenail infection.

Oregano oil: Oregano contains anti-bacterial properties which can be used to counter the infection from toenail fungal. Dabbing the oil on the infected area regularly will help tackle the growth of bacteria and related fungal matter to curb the infection effectively over a period of time.

An apple cider vinegar, keeps the toenail fungus away: One of the more known remedies for toenail fungus and a very effective way of tackling the same. Apple cider vinegar being the versatile ingredient it is, can be used internally and externally. A simple concoction of the vinegar, mixed with some salt and warm water makes a good water bath for your feet. Soak the infected area for at least half an hour, two to three times a day to cleanse and curb the infection from spreading.

Tea tree oil: Another very effective alternative, but only to be applied externally to the infected areas to let the oils soak in and cleanse the wound. The infected area should be then directly scrubbed gently, to get rid of all the dead cells and damaged nail fragments.

Nature’s versatile remedy: Coconut oil to the rescue, it seems to be the perfect remedy for mostly a number of infections. The fatty acids in the oil help prevent the bacterial growth and coat the cells which have been affected by the infection to ensure no further spreading of the infection. Coconut oil is easily available in abundance, easy to apply and is not very messy. Plus, there is no odor from the oil that might just ruin your day otherwise.

Orange oil: Orange oil is very rich in anti-fungal properties and is a very effective remedy to battle toenail fungus. The oil should be allowed to soak in and ease into the affected areas, for maximum effect and allow the anti-fungal properties to tackle the infection.

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