How does satellite internet work

With the availability of numerous broadband options, satellite internet has managed to capture a considerable chunk of the consumer market, especially the rural one. This is because most rural markets have little or no access to internet services like fiber optic, DSL (digital subscriber line), and cable as there is no concrete infrastructure for them. In such cases, satellite internet is an extremely viable choice for subscribers to stay connected to the world.

But what makes satellite internet so different from other forms of broadband networks? A satellite internet, in simple words, is a type of internet connectivity what utilizes satellites to access data. So, you have no wirelines and no telephones to deal with. One of the unique features of satellite internet is that you don’t need to dial-up or signing in because you’re always connected.

Satellite Internet works on the mechanism of three key elements that collectively assists in establishing an internet connection.
Satellite dish The satellite dish is installed in the external premises of your home or office, which helps to receive and request the required information. This dish has a further internal extension, i.e., the Internet modem that facilitates the transmission of data on the computer.

Geostationary satellite A geostationary satellite is situated out in the space that orbits the earth. This satellite is roughly 22,000 miles away and is a major link between your satellite dish and the gateway (ground station) of the provider.

Gateway The gateway of the provider basically receives the signal traveling from your dish to the geostationary satellite. They then connect to the Internet and transmit the requested data back to the user via the orbiting satellite. Because it requires such a specific set of hardware, its prices are expensive as compared to its other alternatives. Although, if you are particular based in a remote area, it is also the most dependable choice you can have.

It is advised that you get equipment installed from a professional technician from the company. This is because attempting a DIY in this case causes additional issues. Post the installation process, make sure that you ask the technician all the important questions, so that there is no room left for misunderstanding or confusion.

While choosing the best satellite internet provider for yourself, ensure that you scrutinize its quality, plan cost, miscellaneous expenses, warranty, customer care service, and agreement before making a commitment. Hughesnet, Exede, Wild Blue, Earth Link, etc. are some of the most popular providers that offers satellite internet.

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