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How regular exercise helps improve mental health

Some people hit the gym for building muscles and improving their cardiovascular health while others love spending time with their Bowflex home gym equipment for getting in shape. Regardless of individual desires and fitness goals, their regular exercise routine offers them much more than a fit body and an overall physical well being. A number of studies show that besides enhancing physical health, exercising boosts mental health as well. Continue reading to find out what mental health benefits regular exercise offers.

Boosts happy chemicals
Feelings of happiness and euphoria are the result of endorphin hormones. The more we exercise, the more these hormones release in our body. For those who are depressed, exercise and spending quality time at the gym is highly recommended, as it works as effectively as antidepressant pills do to treat depression and anxiety.

Sharpens memory
If you are on a lookout for ways to sharpen your memory, you can consider developing an exercise routine. Regular exercise or any other physical activity can improve your ability to learn new things. For the same reason, the level of physical fitness is linked to a child’s brain development. A study even shows that running or sprints improve vocabulary retention.

Helps control addiction
Dopamine is a reward chemical that our brain releases in response to pleasure, be it food, sex, exercise, or drugs. However, the chemical has a negative side as well. It causes addiction to things that produce dopamine in our body. Getting rid of it takes some doing on your part. Those addicted to drugs can help themselves through exercise. Here, the individual can divert his or her focus, keep a check on cravings, and minimize after effects considerably. Try working out with Bowflex exercise equipment to get the desired results in a safe and efficient manner.

Improves sleep
Sound sleep is integral to an individual’s health and well-being, as it helps relax the mind and body. In most cases, sleep and body activities are interrelated. In other words, a moderate workout is required for a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, the majority of people who do not indulge themselves in physical activities often suffer from insomnia. When you move around or do some physical activity, your body’s core temperature rises. When the temperature drops back to normal after a few hours, your body naturally demands sleep.

Enhances self-confidence
A major factor that results in a low self-esteem and confidence is weight gain or a disturbed fitness. To get rid of this unfavorable state of mind, you can count on exercising. The day you start exercising, you start feeling an improvement in your overall mood and confidence. Since exercising keeps you fit and helps with weight loss, it tends to boost self-esteem. As you start feeling and looking lighter and healthier, you automatically start being happy and fresh.

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