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How to get rid of common cold and flu?

Common cold can be dated back to stone ages. It is one of the easily spread diseases by a virus and needless to say, mankind has been for ages trying to curb the symptoms and the condition altogether. It is also a fact that common cold is one of the condition for which medical attention is seldom sought after and only when the symptoms do not go away do we get it to the attention of the doctor. We as a population, usually go for over the counter medications and treatments for a common cold. However, collectively we have started to treat even the flu condition with equal apathy. Doctors worldwide do caution us that both the conditions are different and though they might carry the same symptoms each would require a different treatment altogether.

The symptoms of cold differ from person to person. For some it may start with a headache while for some it may start with sneezing profusely which might develop a running nose followed by watery eyes. Later on you might be experiencing a dry throat followed by congestion. However in the case of flu, the symptoms can include the above and along with that a high fever may accompany. You can experience chills and it can last longer than the common cold. Usually the conditions can last up to three weeks whereas in the case of cold it can last from 3 days to a week. In the case of flu you might also experience headaches for longer period. Common cold is usually caused by allergic reactions or by the rhinovirus. Flu is caused by the influenza virus and can spread easily.

There are many treatment options available for common cold. Many of them are the over the counter products. Also you can use the help of nasal decongestants and sprays for relieving congestion. However, it is advisable to have a consultation with the doctor before you go for such products. If the condition persists do seek medical attention immediately as common cold if not treated properly can lead to pneumonia. The same goes for the flu symptoms. You may be given medications and shots for curbing the virus. Also you can look at the option of getting the flu vaccine to prevent future incidents. Consult with your doctor on its possible implications.

Prevention is the best medicine for the common cold as in many cases, it is spread by known agents or conditions which exist in our home and environment. Always have your environment clean and dry. Make sure you use a humidifier in your home if you are prone to allergic symptoms. Better know your allergens beforehand by allergy tests and try to stay away from the allergens. Make sure that you practice a good hygiene and always wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid crowded places if there is a spread of the virus.

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