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How to use the right pendant lights for your home

A light fixture can greatly enhance the look of any space, provided it is the right one. The perfect light fixture can not only add to the functional aspects of your home but also beautify it. Using a pendant light is one such way to improve and embellish any corner in your house with a simple design fixture.
A pendant light is a distinct light accessory that is hung or supported from the ceiling with the use of a chain, rod, or decorative rope. It is used to focus light on a particular area of your home or to decorate a room. Pendant lights are available in a variety of styles and designs for all home needs.

Tips to use the right pendant light
Placement You can use pendant lights anywhere in the house: over a dining table or a kitchen counter top, in a hallway or staircase, over a sitting area in your living room, one or both sides of a bed, in the bathroom (by the vanity or the entryway), or a pool table.
The placement for pendant lights also depends on the functionality of the fixture you want to achieve. For instance, you might need a pendant light in your kitchen as task lighting, but in your bedroom, just as a decorative fixture. For proper lighting, hang the fixtures at the height of 30 to 35 inches or so depending on the room. For instance, if your dining area or kitchen island is large, you can use multiple pendant lights and slightly higher than usual.

Function To use a pendant light for providing adequate support, light for a task such as over a kitchen island or in the bathroom, you need a light that not only illuminates the area for your target task but also manages to not produce harsh light at the same time. For such purposes, you can use a pendant light with a translucent bottom or a light that comes with a dimmer. If your kitchen is well-lit, you can use a pendant light that is more decorative and acts as a center piece for your kitchen or any space. Of course, a pendant light can act both as a task light as well as a decorative piece at the same time.
To create distinctive looks using pendant lights with proper illumination, use single-drop lights in narrow or short hallways or spaces and multiple light at varying heights for a dramatic effect. Always consider the ceiling height for proper functionality. For instance, if the ceiling height is at eight feet, choose a light that will hang at least 12 inches below it or more.

Types Use glass pendant lights as excellent task lights or fabric lights in jute or hemp for a softer effect. Choose a lantern shape to illuminate the entryway or drum-shaped pendant light in wood for a soft yet functional effect. Mini pendant lights can act both as task lights and for fashioning your home decor with a unique look.

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