Identifying cough symptoms in kids

Identifying cough symptoms in kids
A child suffering from a cough or flu is a matter of great concern for the parents. If the symptoms are minor, parents often try to treat it using home remedies or commonly available nonprescriptive over-the-counter medicines.

When a child has a cough, the situation is often seen to worsen when he or she is lying down. This is only because all the mucus gets accumulated in the back of the throat. Cough symptoms are often seen in kids, and this might be an indication of mainly two things- either asthma or throat and cold infection. The major problem of a cough is that it varies in type and the symptoms are different.

Understanding the symptoms would only help parents treat their kids in a better way.

Dry cough

• Persistent ticklish feeling in the airway

• Lack of mucus secretion

• Mostly happens at night, making it difficult for the kids to get a sound sleep

• The chest feels lighter.

Wet cough (a congestion cough or a chronic cough)

• Strains of blood in cough.

• A feeling of runny liquid at the back of the throat

• Continuous coughing accompanied with a hoarse voice

• Coughing, accompanied with a runny nose

Whooping cough in children
A whooping cough is tough to be distinguished or identified separately as it has symptoms which are very similar to common cough symptoms in children. It is only understood when any kid seems to have:

• An unexpected fatigue

• Vomiting along with continuous coughing

• A high pitch sound of a cough

Kids are too small to understand or feel the irritation of a cough, or severity of the cough symptoms. Some children might even not be bothered about their sickness and would only react when they are too much in pain or are unable to sleep at night. Thus, parents need to be aware and identify the different cough symptoms and consult a doctor or give them medicines accordingly.

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