Irresistible features of the Huawei Honor 5X

Many people are fond of switching to the latest models of cellphones periodically as they like to carry the latest pone and like to learn new technology-oriented apps. After a typical interval of time, they would be in search of new models of smartphones. For such tech-savvy and enthusiast aspirants, the Honor 5x would be a great choice as it is a mid-range smartphone fully loaded with plenty of features.

  • Fingerprint sensor
    This is one of the best features of the Honor 5X model from Chinese manufacturer Huawei. This feature makes this smartphone stand out from the competition. Aspirants can use this feature for securing their personal data on the phone. Apart from the facilitation, the impression created among the surrounding people because of this feature would be simply fantastic.
  • Unlocked Phone
    In some countries like the UK, the Honor 5X is available as a locked phone with specific carriers such as Three. However, in other parts of the world, the cell phone is available as an unlocked phone directly through Huawei and various retailers and from online stores such as Amazon. People prefer unlocked phones as any SIM can be inserted in the available slot, and there would not be any bonding regarding the carrier.
  • Attractive appearance
    The front side of this phone has a smooth and plain finish and a bright and clear screen. On the back side, there is the rear camera and fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone. The appearance is kept quite simple by the designers; however, when the phone is held, the feel we get would be simply satisfying. Thickness at the waist is 8.2 mm, which is quite slim compared to other competitors in this price range.
  • Sturdy design
    The body build of this model is quite sturdy; thus, it might sustain some impacts without any issue. However, the screen must be protected. Another important aspect of this smartphone is its non-removable battery. Most of the people consider it as a drawback, as it would not be possible to replace the battery by bare hands as we do in most of the other smartphones. However, the overall performance of the battery would be quite decent.
  • Display
    Full HD display is another plus point for this smartphone. Its display is much clearer and sharper. It comes with auto brightness adjustment feature; that is why; it looks a bit dimmer; however, the brightness of the screen can be manually adjusted. Similarly, the power on/off button and the volume control button can be smoothly operated.

Thus, the Huawei Honor 5X would be the best choice as a replacement for some older smartphone. This model has a fantastic feature that is simply excellent considering a price of about $200.

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