An overview of Kegel exercises

The pelvic floor consists of muscles that form a sort of hammock towards the bottom of the pelvis to hold the pelvic organs in place. If these muscles get weak, you may experience difficulty controlling your bladder or bowel movements. Kegel exercises, that a carried out with the help of kegel exercisers aid in strengthening the pelvic muscles, which in turn would help in you controlling your bladder and bowel movements better.

For women, some factors weaken the pelvic floor muscles such as pregnancy, childbirth, excess weight and aging. Weak pelvic floor muscles lower the pelvic organs into a woman’s vagina. To prevent and, to an extent, treat this, a Kegel exerciser helps. First, locate the muscles that control urine by stopping urine mid-flow to give you an idea of what and where they are. Ensure you don’t do this often because it will harm your bladder. This is just to locate the muscles. Before you do your Kegel exercises, empty your bladder. While no one will know when you do them, initially, though, find a quiet place to get them done. If you experience pain in your back or abdomen post exercises, it is because you are not doing them correctly. When you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, if you are doing it correctly, you will not squeeze the muscles in your abdomen, back, sides and buttocks.

To help you do Kegel exercises better, there are exercise pieces of equipment available on the market. One such Kegel exerciser is called Elvie. Elvie comes with one of the best biofeedback. It does not measure the pressure of your muscle squeeze. Instead, it uses multiple sensors. These monitor your muscles very effectively. Based on how good you are when you start your Kegel exercises, Elvie offers various training tracks so you could choose what works best for you. The design of the case is subtle as the device doubles as a charger too. The fit is unique based on a woman’s anatomy, and it comes with an additional cover to ensure that the size is personalized. It is a bit on the expensive side but is considered to be worth it because it is made to more intuitive to your needs.

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