Bruise Cure

Medical treatment to heal a bruise quickly

Injuries are by far the most hated thing by us humans. No one likes to get into an accident and get hurt, but all of us like is to heal the bruise quickly magically. Well, it is not all that difficult to do that. All you have to do is follow some techniques and methods that can help your bruise heal quickly and get you relief at the earliest. A bruise can be acquired when the blood vessels on your skin are damaged, and burst. If left unattended, they usually go away on their own, but if you wish to heal the bruise quickly then you can follow some of the techniques mentioned below:

  • Compression: An elastic bandage can work in your favor if you wish to heal your bruise quickly. Take an elastic bandage and wrap it around your bruise, this will squeeze the tissues thereby preventing the blood vessels from leaking. Compressing a bruise not only helps in healing it quickly but also reduces the pain and swelling that can be associated with it.
  • Arnica: Arnica is an ideal treatment to heal the bruise quickly; it is a homeopathic herb and helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling. A study has also shown that topical arnica ointment reduced the intensity of laser-induced bruises. Arnica comes in two forms: a tablet and an ointment or gel. You can apply the ointment/gel on your bruise or take arnica tablets to heal the bruise quickly.
  • Vitamin K cream: Vitamin K is a cream that helps in clotting the blood around the bruise. It has the essential nutrient to undertake this action thereby reducing the intensity of your bruise. In a study in 2002, vitamin K was seen to have reduced the severity of a bruise that was caused by lasers. To effectively use this treatment, you can apply the vitamin K cream on your bruise two to three times a day.
  • Vitamin C: Just like vitamin K, vitamin C can also help in the quick recovery of your bruise. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C help the wound in healing quickly. Get hold of gels, serums, or creams that contain vitamin C; you can apply these ointments on your wound. These ointments can be applied topically on the wound. Vitamin C can be found in supplements, and you can adopt these to help you with the wound. If you do not want to intake supplements, you can eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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