Negotiating a deal on used motorhomes

Negotiating a deal on used motorhomes

A buyer looking for a used motorhome cannot easily go in to buy with a fixed budget, and therefore, need an expendable one not just for the purchase but also for the after costs. Justifying the amount spent is always a hard-task for the buyer, and it is essential to make sure you buy a good motorhome with minimal damages so that the cost spent repairs and maintenance do not affect the road trip savings. To play the negotiation to the buyer’s side, here are some things which can be noted as cost-markers and can be reduced in the seller’s price tag if asked the right way.

Start with the facts
Look at the used motorhome and evaluate what is there and what isn’t. Look beyond the obvious damages because the hidden ones are major expenses. Look more than once because you may have missed something easily at first glance. Odor, mold, leaks, rust, awnings, and roof, are six factors that need indefinite scrutiny because this is where the obvious indemnities lie. A used motorhome is cheaper than a new one because there are depreciation costs as well as other major reasons such as the top six issues which determine its price. If the motorhome has more than one damage but is still salvageable then take the deal to a negotiation face and let the seller now that you know the defects but ready to take the deal if the price is your slab or a mid-ground from theirs.

Get the records
Sometimes the seller may be wary of providing full proof of the vehicle’s history including the modifications done because they may not have done it with quality as claimed. Doing a thorough check for fraudulent claims is the first step, and then move on to question the seller about the specifications about any furnishing done and compare it with the proof presented. Any red-flags on the deal, then use it to negotiate your terms if it’s trustworthy or drops the deal and walk way to avoid unwarranted stress.

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