Role of a product manager

Till date, humans have categorized things into products or tools. Product is the end result of using tools that help produce the final result. For example, you can say that furniture is a product while the ax and other equipment are the tools. The tools used form the technique and foundation to creating a successful product.

When it comes to the modern setup in an enterprise, the process of project management involves tools and products as well. On the Internet, there is a plethora of information available on each and every type of tools recommended for products. Some of the tools required for product managers, who manage the product life cycle from end-to-end, include skilled resources, technology, process, etc.

Role of a product manager
It is product manager’s duty to be the facilitator between a company and customer. Within the company, there may be multiple cross functional teams which would help the product manager channelize the customer requirements. The commitment given for a particular type of product creation starts off once the resource team is finalized. The work then is delegated as per the skill set required.

A project manager is assigned to keep track of all the activities committed to him/her. All timelines have to be tracked and the progress has to be updated to the product manager. In turn, a product manager conveys the progress to the client. The resources team, inclusive of engineers or developers, can make use of any type of support tools and techniques required to deliver the product.

Tools, in the modern setup, can include various coding languages, servers, virtual machines, computers, laptops, etc. Documentation takes place after every successful project where everyone talks about best practices following a project and all the resolution for impediments that they come across. Products are delivered on time when one uses the right kind of methodologies, involving concepts, tools, techniques, and processes.

To term a product to have been useful and successful, the right kind of above combination of tools, techniques and skills need to go hand-in-hand.

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