Sleep well with these adjustable beds

In her 2016 book, The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington wrote about the new-age obsession of skipping sleep to be more productive. In her book, Huffington shows how the present-day cultural dismissal of sleep is leading to deteriorating health. According to her, power naps and a good night’s sleep are the keys to a productive and healthy life: personal as well as professional.

One important part of having a good sleep is to find a comfortable place. Thus, the bed you choose becomes an essential part of your sleep routine. Most of us have the traditional horizontal beds in our homes. Also, by default we tend to choose a horizontal surface when we want to catch our forty winks. However, have you noticed that you are more relaxed when you doze off on a recliner than on a bed?

Sleeping on a flat horizontal surface is not always beneficial. If you are someone who suffers from frequent back and joint pains, flat beds will aggravate your condition rather that alleviate them. Also, sleeping on a horizontal bed may give your soreness of neck and other muscles due to bad sleeping positions. Earlier used only in hospitals, adjustable beds are slowly becoming regular consumer home essential product. With adjustable beds, you can elevate your upper body or lower body as per your requirements and ensure that you have a comfortable and a good night’s sleep.
Adjustable beds are now available in different types. They are no longer one-size-fits-all kind. Also, depending on your budget and requirement you have additional features, if you require.

Single Adjustable Bed: These are available in twin, king and queen size. They have a single large adjustable surface. The controls will adjust the entire bed and not just a part of it. This type of adjustable bed is suitable for a single individual or a couple who prefer the similar sleeping positions.

Dual Adjustable Bed: These are also available in twin, king and queen size. Unlike the single adjustable bed, the dual adjustable bed is divided into two separate parts. Each part has its own controls. Each part can be adjusted to a position different and independent from the other. This type of adjustable bed is suitable for couples who prefer sleeping in different positions.

The above two are two main categories of adjustable beds. Many brands also provide additional features such as 10-speed massages to wake you up or to help you sleep. Many beds come with remote-controlled adjustable positions. Some even have Wi-Fi and let you connect you phone with the controls of your bed.

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