Things you should know about dental implants for seniors

Most dental implants for seniors are suggested as an alternative to bridges and dentures. Dental implants are, in fact, a much better option for tooth replacement since they provide long-lasting benefits. Let’s first understand why dental implants are important for seniors.

  • They look just like real teeth and are stronger than dentures.
  • There is no need to worry about losing your implants like your dentures.
  • They preserve the health of the adjacent teeth.

Unfortunately, getting an implant costs much more than traditional treatments of teeth replacement and hence it’s important to know how to choose the best insurance plan. Most of the best dental care plans do not cover dental implants for seniors. However, if you are looking to get the sting out of your dental implant treatment, choose your dental plan carefully. Here is what you should look at.

Tip 1 – Choose a plan that has no age Limits
Most of the dental plans have age limits. It is better to have a dental plan with no age limit. In certain plans, you will find plans where the payments become higher based on the client’s age. You should avoid such plans too. Though it is difficult to find dental plans with a no-age bar, it is worth the effort. People often hurriedly go for such plans and later realize that it was not what they were expecting so be patient while choosing a dental care plan.

Tip 2 – Dental Plans with Coverage for Dental Implants
While dental plans do not cover most senior dental implants, you need to look for a plan that includes at least a part of it. Dental implants can be expensive hence it is a sensible idea to go for dental care plans that cover dental implants. Before choosing a dental care plan with dental implants coverage, please go through all the conditions of the insurance plan carefully. There are certain dental insurance plans which offer to pay for the crown or the tooth removal and X-Ray but not for the surgical procedure. That could make the dental implant more affordable for seniors. If you are missing a lot of teeth, then it’s best to go for medical insurance rather than dental insurance.

Tip 3 – Dental Insurance or Discount Dental Plans
With respect to expense, any dental care plan can be any of two types: dental insurance plans and discount dental plans. Discount dental plans provide an inexpensive alternative to dental insurance plans. These plans have a lesser monthly fee. With these dental care plans, you will pay only for the specific discounted amount for the dental procedures you will have. While dental insurance plans cost much more than discount dental plans, they have an annual benefit of about $3000 a year with the flexible payment option.

The good news is dental insurance companies are slowly realizing the huge benefits that come from dental implants and starting to offer more coverage for dental implants for seniors. Hence take your time while choosing the right dental care plan for your requirements.

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