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Three ways to Listen to music on your iPhone without using iTunes

Apple is still the epitome of cool, and iPhones and their versatility bolster the brand’s popularity. Whether you’ve loved iTunes or hated it, the truth is, it’s got a special place in the iOS family. iTunes and the Apple Store make your iPhone complete. However, even the best apps come with limitations. There are download restrictions plus you have to constantly purchase new tracks every time you decide to listen or try out something new.

What if you could download the tracks you want, from the artists you want, whenever you want, however you want, for free? That’s right. Call it life hacking or iTune hacking, here are three awesome legit ways of listening to music on your iPhone by saying goodbye to iTunes.

The Pandora app offers a wide range of tunes for all iPhone users. You can download it for free from the iOS store and use it whenever you want. You can download any songs you want. The lists are continuously updated with different albums and artists as they are released. The Pandora app lets you create playlists, shuffle between tracks, and even set your preferences depending on what you listen to. Whenever you come back to listen to more music, it will recommend you the right tracks for you and your tastes. The only downside is that it can’t be played in the background, so if you navigate away from the app, the music will stop playing.

Sona FM
If you’re willing to pay, Sona FM offers tracks at affordable rates. It even lets you bookmark your favorite tracks or albums so that you can purchase later. Sona FM offers high and low bandwidth versions of the app. If you’re running on a slow speed internet connection, you need not be afraid and can keep listening without the fear of consuming additional data or running out of mobile data.

The Safari Hack
This is a cool but lesser known hack which was brought to most users’ attention by Macworld. How it works is that you create your very own webpage and upload your music in .m3u format. Whenever you feel like playing a song, you simply launch your Safari browser and run the web page file you created. It doesn’t require a lot of HTML skills and if you don’t know HTML, you can copy paste the code for creating this hack. The Safari browser will use its inbuilt Quicktime plug-in to play the music. It even plays in the background so you can navigate away from the app.
Now you know three excellent ways to listen to music on your iPhone without using the iTunes store.

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