Track your fleet with GPS systems

If you own a fleet of vehicles, you ought to know where your vehicles are, whether they require maintenance, how to reduce travel time, and not to mention how possibly you can reduce fuel costs. Well, with technological advances, today, all this can be sorted with the help of fleet GPS tracking systems. Also, today fleet tracking software is not expensive and is considered a great investment for any enterprise. We have listed a few tracking software solutions that are suitable for your company.

GPS Insight
If you have a small or mid-size company then GPS Insight is the one for you. It offers fleet GPS tracking systems and E-Log solutions that allows you to run your fleet smoothly.

Key features are:

  • Visibility of fleet in Real-time
  • Helps control speeding, idling, unauthorized use and provides maintenance schedules
  • Improved electronic reporting(automated) that reduce tedious paper-work
  • Improves response time and encourages job completion to provide high-quality customer service
  • Provides you with quick theft recovery in case your vehicle is stolen

ClearPathGPS allows businesses to have a complete control of its tracking system. It offers easy-to-use web-based software that includes free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, ClearPathGPS offers onsite support and full-service installation. A plus point having CLearPathGPS is that it has no contracts and businesses love it!

Key features are:

  • Allows you to suspend services any time you wish
  • Reduce your risks, track maintenance, control labor expenses and improves productivity
  • 30-second updates via Verizon
  • Offers warranty
  • Installed by professionals

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
One of the leading providers of web-based GPS tracking systems, Teletrac Navman provides fleet GPS tracking systems to over 40,000 business across the globe. Their DIRECTOR solution allows enterprises to direct their fleet and mobile staff using a single platform.

Key features are:

  • Caters to the needs of every fleet size
  • Allows business to take insightful decisions by accessing data 24/7
  • Increases overall revenue by reducing operational complexities
  • Leverages the existing technology in your vehicle

This award-winning provider enables fleet managers to improve productivity, the safety of drivers in compliance with Big Data. Its web-based system provides vehicle and driver information in one place. This helps enterprises take an informed decision.

Key features are:

  • Adapts to fleets of various sizes
  • Generates new opportunities for savings and growth through its powerful tools
  • Simplifies data collection before transforming it to useful information for businesses to act on
  • The software allows fleet managers in measuring events such as fleet optimization, safety, compliance, productivity, and expandability
  • Offers exceptional driver behavior management, strong engine data reporting, Advanced reporting, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, GPS vehicle tracking, etc

Omnitracs is the pioneer of SaaS fleet management solutions and innovative software. Their software helps businesses retain drivers and increases the productivity of businesses. It helps businesses streamline their operations and increase revenue.

Key features are:

  • Software complies with HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA, and DOT
  • Enhanced route planning services for customer satisfaction
  • Improved fleet tracking for better understanding steps to consider for complete protection and reducing any safety-related incidents

US Fleet Tracking
It provides live asset and vehicle GPS tracking software and devices. US Fleet Tracking provides unmatched fleet GPS tracking systems that enable fleet managers to access data from anywhere and have complete control over it.

Key features are:

  • Allows tracking and management of assets on the go with mobile fleet management
  • Real-time traffic and weather conditions
  • Provides alert notifications such as geofence alerts, speed alerts, idle alerts, maintenance alerts, and ignition alerts
  • A comprehensive reporting system that helps companies to improve scheduling thereby saving money and time

In general, fleet GPS tracking systems allow you to track and manage a fleet efficiently while enhancing your operations, lowering risks, reducing costs and growth in revenue. There are several other companies that offer efficient tracking systems. After a thorough understanding and depending on your business needs, you must choose the best for your business.

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