Understanding the logic behind Harbor Freight coupons

The Harbor Freight tools company has been making a significant and visible mark on the tools industry in America since 1977. The agenda of the company has adapted itself with the changing trend and demand structure of the industry and the consumer base. It began its early years taking small steps towards the still untapped tools business. When tools were majorly owned only by handymen and artisans, Harbor Freight brought in an idea where one need not spend a sizable chunk of cash from the smallest of jobs. They introduced the idea which involved purchasing pieces of equipment for one’s home, which is a one-time investment to take care of an array of daily work that might arise in one’s household. They began their business by opening a portal to mail-order tools. Having started from a humble position in Los Angeles, this company sure did take cautious steps but was not afraid to tackle unknown territories of the discount coupon industry.

A common man’s thinking might comprehend that discount coupons cause a loss to a business and are a way to clear off unwanted goods from a store. This myth was by far irrelevant to what coupons actually meant. Harbor Freight became an example for other peer companies when it introduced the system of facilitating coupons to its customers that would enable them to purchase their goods at a quarter of the maximum retail price available elsewhere. This tactic was like a hammer hitting the nail right on the head, as it brought a wave of willing and eager customers to their retail outlets, hence promoting business and increasing sale profits.

All of this being told, were these coupons with amazing benefits available to anyone and everyone? No. Since the inception of their retail shops in the year 1980, the concept of going to a flashy retail outlet rather than walking into a regular store was a foreign concept. To bring in the attention of the interested crowd, the coupons were a perfect fix to the dilemma.

Seeing the wider picture, some still might comprehend the idea to be a loss and an unnecessary feat. However, Harbor Freight mastered the job of acquiring products from the smallest and the biggest of manufacturers at whole sale and complimentary rates and then pushing the products to the light with attached coupons. They believed in focusing on quantity of sales the coupons increased rather than the lost value of product owing to the discount coupon

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