Unravel the mysteries of your ancestry for free

Genealogy has become quite important since recent times. People opt for it for reasons best known to them. Sometimes it’s just to find out whether you are a descendant of a œblue- blood line or to know if your famous actress can be your distant cousin’s cousin. There are innumerable reasons that people wish to trace their genealogy for, but the most common reasons are when they belong to a church that focuses on œbaptism of the dead or maybe you are just concerned about your health and need to make sure you your family history doesn’t show any kind of serious ailments. No matter what the reason for tracing your ancestry is, people have become very enthusiastic about finding their lineage.

Since we are a part of the modern age, we do not have to go digging in libraries or visit the place where your great-grandfather once lived, there are various websites that do the hard work for you. Initially, you would have to pay these websites to find your ancestry, but with the increasing popularity of such sites and the competition it created, you can look up your ancestry for free. There are many websites that trace your ancestry for free and are authentic at the same time. Here are a few of them-

Chronicling America- This site allows you to take a look at America’s historic newspapers from between the years 1789-1924. It is basically a portal of The Library of Congress and has two areas of content-the digitized newspapers from the 25 states and an index to all the newspapers published in the country. If your instinct tells you that your ancestor was someone very well-known, try looking him up here “ This is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use website to trace your ancestry. You can access millions of digitized records available in any part of the word. There are instances where the results might point you to an offsite destination. The catalog would present you with the widest genealogy catalog library in the world. You would find your ancestors here

Cyndi’s list- This site would provide you with a proper list of different sites dedicated to different research materials

Find a Grave- As the name suggests, you would gain an access to the images of tombstones. You can search through the individual’s or the cemetery name. Remember Harry potter finding Ignotus Peverell was his ancestor in the GRAVEYARD!

These are some of the trust-worthy and free sites that allow you to trace your ancestors and know your kin better.

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