Samsung Ativ Book

Useful features of Samsung Ativ 9

Samsung has come up with the latest version of Samsung ativ book 9 which can be considered an ultrathin portable business laptop. It is much thinner in approach and appearance than the Apple’s MacBook Air. Samsung notebook 9 also comes with a super sharp display, a great track pad, and a robust keyboard.

Portability of Samsung ativ book: The portability of Samsung notebook 9 is one of its biggest advantages. It is extremely thin and truly portable. Samsung ativ book with its 2.1 lbs weight will never disturb a person during the business trip or even if it is carried during daily commuting.

Fanless design approach: Samsung ativ book runs on Intel’s Broadwell Core M processor and works extremely well, even without a fan. This feature also has no detrimental effect on its performance and its battery life is also not much impacted due to the absence of this feature. The pixel display is also sharp and it has a pixel display of 2560x 1600. The redesigned keyboard also has sculpted keys which are considered good for easier touch typing.

Security features in Samsung ativ book: This notebook series also has few additional security features which make it truly desirable to the core. Users can lock and unlock the screen by tracing of a customizable pattern on the touchpad. This is more secure than a simple password in most of the cases.

Samsung notebook 9 also comes with a nifty software feature in which the users can hide a window from anyone by simply tapping Fn 10 on the keyboard. The camera and microphone can also be locked through the touch of a button which adds a distinct perspective to its security features.

Other innovative features

  • It also features touchscreen feature along with 10 point recognition.
  • The screen in Samsung ativ book can also be angled to a 180-degree view and thus you can also use it as a tabletop device.
  • Beneath its aluminum chassis, the Samsung notebook 9 features a Core i5 4200 which runs at 1.6 GHz and this can be throttled to a speed of 2.6 GHz if any kind of temporary burst of speed is required.
  • It also features 4GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

A wide range of computing tasks can be performed with ease on the Samsung ativ book and even if you decide to play a game on the same or work on multiple documents everything seems a child’s play when this laptop is used.

You can also view a few browser windows at any given time and Samsung notebook 9 will give you seamless performance every time it is used.

Choose your favorite model of Samsung ativ book from a range of designs and open up a new world of innovation for yourself.

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