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What makes Net 10 special

What makes Net 10 special?

Although you may have heard quite a lot about Net 10 phones, you often wonder what makes them so special. This is a product of one of the most renowned American companies, TracFone Wireless, thatis one of the number one companies as far as noncontract cell phones are concerned. So, read on ahead to know about all the features and plans that make Net 10 so special.

Introduction to Net 10

Net 10 is the most well known pay as you go prepaid wireless mobile phone service which does not require credit checks or contracts. They do not charge any fee for activation and have no bills that come in every month. Good news is that they do not even have an age criterion to get a connection. This is beyond doubt one of the most cost effective and flexible mobile phone service that provides you with access of nationwide web and unlimited texting and calling facility.

How much does this cost?

Net 10 mobiles that are wireless come as cheap as $29.99 (MSRP) and offer caller ID, voice mail and call waiting facility free of charges. All you need to do is purchase those Pay as you go Airtime cards that are prepaid as and when required.

How does this meet wireless requirements?

Net 10 provides service all over the nation, economic rates per minute and also provides long distance calling facility at no extra cost. This is an extremely simple and suitable wireless service found across the nation. This service also offers you International Calling Service.

Deposit free

Net 10 has no deposit charges even during initial activation that makes it affordable even for the common man. There are no monthly bills to pay also. The plan is free of credit checks too. This is what that makes Net 10 service so attractive for everyone across the nation.

Activation of the Net 10 30-day Package

After you buy yourself a Net 10 30-day plan card, you automatically get talk time and texting which is unlimited and high speed data according to the plan that you have purchased. And for setting up your auto refill Net 10-30 Day Plan, all you need to do is open the Net 10 Manage Your Time tab and opt for Net 10 Plans.

All the above-mentioned features make Net 10 phones and plan packages really special and popular across the nation in every sense of the word.

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